How Old Is Old? Only 29 if You’re a Woman

Remember when 29 seemed like an absolutely ancient age? Yeah, me neither. But according to recent polls, 29 is the actual age you start to feel properly old. If you’re a woman, anyway. Men, on the other hand, don’t start to feel old until they’re way into middle age — 58 to be precise.

But age isn’t everything. The poll, done by Avalon Funeral Plans in the U.K., found some other interesting indicators of old age. For instance, women start to feel ancient as soon as they find their first grey hair. Men aren’t so worried — and why should they be with silver foxes like George Clooney and Richard Gere dominating many a womanly fantasy?

Women also start to feel over the hill once their skin becomes less luminous and their “assets” (as in, breasts) start to sag. And men? It takes much more for a man to feel past his prime — the study found guys don’t feel old until they’re unable to perform in the bedroom, which — given Hugh Hefner’s track record and the advent of Viagra — might not happen for a very long time.

But if we women judge feelings of age rather shallowly on things like looks, it’s not our fault.

“In our society the attractiveness of women is quite important. Men don’t have to be good looking, but, for some reason, it’s important for women to look presentable,” Professor Cary Cooper of Lancaster University told the Daily Mail. “Magazines are all about youth and are filled with young, attractive women. Women then start to perceive themselves as old when they no longer feel like this, when they don’t feel trendy or fashionable. Men, on the other hand, don’t have to be good looking; it doesn’t concern them.”

There’s another facet to all this too, says Dr. Cooper. While men tend to be more career-oriented, and, therefore, don’t start feeling their age until they’ve moved up the ladder and are nearing retirement, women feel pressure to settle down and raise a family once she turns 30.

It’s important to keep in mind that how old (or young) you feel is largely controlled by the media. And you know what? Forget them. Act the age you feel, but do it while respecting your body — abusing it is one thing that’s sure to make you old before your time.

Some Feedback Here:

1. I have to disagree with 29 being “old”. I had my first child at 27, never would have kept up with him if I were old. Had my second at 31. Old is a state of mind. I ride and show horses, play volley ball, run some,bicycle and garden. I sure didn’t feel old then and I don’t feel particularly old now either at 53.
And to respond to the first poster (Jared) regarding spelling in the headline, what word exactly are you referring to ??
“You’re” is a contraction for ” you are “, whereas “your” refers to something that belongs to someone.

2. The last two lines sums it up. The rest of the article ……. well nothing we haven’t heard before. I’m 60 yr. old ( I have some aches and pains) I still workout and train with guys LESS than half my age ….. and dance circles around. Start young, stay in shape and eat right. I drink beer, eat junk food and all the rest….. I’m not a monk. All in MODERATION.

3. They say that the new 50, is like the old 30, when I look at pictures of my mother-in-law when she was 50, I look no where like she did she looked old in comparison.
Also , way to go Piers, maybe the new 73, is like the old 53.
Age is only a number. Look at all the Cougars out there, I`m sure they don`t feel old!

4. I would not say 29, although I dreaded when I turned 30, don’t know why!! I am the last of 7 kids and soon turning 45… with 4 young kids… Being the last of the family I was always referred as “the baby” and I still feel that way and most times act that way, hence I don’t feel old, my body is still in great shape and able to run around with my kids.

5. This is nonsense. Yes, the last line in the piece is correct. This youth obsessed world we live in is ridiculous. At 56 I still feel young and am as active as I was when I was 29. If I see one more ad for wrinkle cream with models who don’t have one line on their faces I think I will scream..actually it is a bit insulting. People are regularly living healthy active lives to 100 now…so how can 29 be old? Dumb!!

Can Believing in God Kill Your Sex Life?

Judging by the sheer number of children being popped out by deeply religious couples – “19 Kids and Counting,” anyone? – I would have assumed that many believers have pretty rocking sex lives.

But according to a recent study reported by Tracy Clark-Flory over at (“Do atheists have better sex?”), non-believers are having more fun between the sheets. And their happier hanky-panky is thanks not to superior skills (so stop gloating, godless heathens) but due to less guilt surrounding sex.

The study, titled “Sex and Secularism: When Happens When You Leave Religion?,” found that those actively engaged in some religious belief were less likely to report satisfaction with their sex lives, and were also less likely to indulge their sexual fantasies with a partner. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, the more religious the household they were raised in, the more guilt they reported feeling surrounding sex. Also, when people ditched their religious beliefs, they reported that their sex lives improved.

Writes Clark-Flory: “Roughly 55 percent said sex ‘greatly improved’ after losing their religion, compared to 2.2 percent who said it got worse.” (Note, though, that this could be an example of exaggerated self-reporting).

One of the more surprising tidbits is that despite much higher rates of self-reported sexual guilt among believers, their sexual behaviour is not notably different from that of non-believers. It seems we all masturbate, watch porn, engage in oral sex and have pre-marital sex at similar rates. The authors summarize: “Guilt is a key component of religious attitudes about sex but actual behaviour[s] … do not change appreciably with religiosity.” It’s just that non-believers have less fun and more guilt while doing it.

So do you think that religious beliefs can have an impact on the quality of someone’s sex life? It makes sense to me – I’ve heard as much from friends who spent their childhood Sunday mornings in Catholic churches. However, I imagine the type of faith matters significantly, and whether the respondents in the survey were single or married.

But if you spent a big chunk of your formative years being told that sex is dirty and you deserve to be punished, I can see how that might put a kibosh on your adult sex life – unless, of course, you’re really into that.